WordPress Websites

Online Media

Online Media

Radio, TV, newspaper and magazine websites with live streaming.
News Portals

News Portals

Websites that inform visitors on latest news under specified categories.
Entertainment Blogs

Entertainment Blogs

Entertainment news websites, celebrity blogs and podcasts.
Corporate Portfolios

Corporate Portfolios

Corporate websites with product and project portfolios for businesses.
Directories & Forums

Directories & Forums

Classified ads, business directories and Q&A forums.
Institutional Websites

Institutional Websites

For religious and educational instittutions, and government agencies.

Web Hosting

Fully-managed cloud-hosted SSD servers optimised for speed.

Online Radio

Cheap & seamless streaming for your own live online radio.
  • SHOUTcast v2

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Centova Cast control panel

  • Free installation

Online Transaction

Buy or pay your bills online. We charge a small fee on top of the transaction cost.

Custom Email

Get your own custom email with webmail, SMTP, IMAP & POP3 support.


1. Social Integration

Connect your WordPress website to facebook & twitter.

2. Updates

Theme updates and bug fix for the life of your website.

3. Lifetime Support

Tutorial and how-tos in using your themes.

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