About us

iTech Plus is an IT enterprise registered under law in Ghana. We are certified by the Registrar-General’s Department, under the Registration of Business Names Act, 1962 (No. 151).

Founded in early 2011, iTech Plus is made up of a team of Freelance Developers and Designers alike, with a passion for innovation. We love to compete, and we love to win!

Our mission #

We are committed to professional business conduct and technically excellent service delivery. Our core mandate is to make your online experience even more profitable, and flexible.

We seek to get more folks online through affordable web services, and such initiatives as free and readily-available IT education.

iTech Plus would drive these goals by launching and making available a number web projects for the general use of the web.

Where we work #

iTech Plus is made up of a team of freelance developers, designers and marketers. Team members work from the comfort of their homes, or wherever they choose, as long as they can get online. We have no central physical location.

All team activities are coordinated via this website, and through as many online communication platforms as possible. Our goal is to employ web technology to the fullest in all we do, thereby improving our understanding of the various methods we employ. This makes application of the methods to client projects easier and more practical.

How we work #

Our core production philosophy is what we call Ground Zero Production. The goal of this philosophy is to, as much as possible, build, or at least understand, every project we undertake from the ground up.

All themes (or templates) we use for all our web projects are hand-crafted at iTech Plus by iTech Plus; no third-party finished products involved.

Generally, these are the steps we follow in going about our projects:

1. Client Request:

Clients are expected to file their request with a detailed specification of their proposed project. Thorough specification with links to example projects are required for feasibility and pricing purposes. Details we require include nature of website, purpose of website possible look and feel client expects, and expected delivery standards where clients are knowledgeable in the area in question.

2. Research & Feasibility:

Our team conduct a feasibility study based on the details we receive from the client. Findings are summarised in a report back to client. Feasible projects are followed with a Project Synopsis, with details on how and when we intend to complete the project. Invoices are attached with payment details.

3. Mockup Design:

A sample design is presented in an image format for feedback from client. Where client is not satisfied, or needs some changes done, edits are made and sent back to client for look and feedback. The process may be repeated for as long as client is not satisfied. Actual design and development can follow up only from client’s approval of mockup design presented.

4. Design & Development:

Client’s approved design is finally coded into life, installed for client’s look and feedback. Where changes are required, to the extent that they fit into the specification for which client paid, they are effected. Tests are done and client is taken through a live preview of project for client’s practical feel and feedback sought.

5. Handing Over:

Project is handed over to client after all outstanding payments have been made. We include arrangements for tutorial for client where necessary, in terms of using the finished product.