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Akua WordPress Framework 5.0.1 fixes a CSS bug where Genericons.svg and Genericons.ttf were incorrectly referenced in CSS, leading to Not Found (404) errors.

The behaviour of all links that force-opens in a new window have been restored to default. Links will now open in same window unless you explicitly choose to open in a new window in whatever browser you are using.

Happy updating!


The full list of changes are as follows:

  • Bug Fix: Resource reference errors fixed in CSS for Genericons
  • All links open in same window by default
  • Enhancements to itp_posts shortcode
  • Enhanced author box to make author links more dynamic using all user’s contact methods
  • Fix form input style bug where footer input color may not be visible

Version 5.0 of Akua WordPress Framework focuses on User Interface (UI) and general design enhancements, and bug fixes. The theme’s styles have been tweaked, with a focus of readability and accessibility.

Most title attributes have been stripped, mostly from anchor tags, to improve accessibility.

Akua 5.0 fixes some bugs. Notable was a bug that did not allow the background colour of form submit buttons to show on some versions of opera mini when ‘Data savings’ setting is set to ‘extreme’. This rendered the button invisible where the content background was the same as the button’s font color.

Watch out for the update notification in your WordPress backend.


Below is the full list of changes:

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Version 4.9.6 of the Akua WordPress Framework fixes featured image fallback plugin errors where default featured image was set for a post even before the post is published.

This version ships with fixes to few structured data markup errors, and we’re now allowing all HTML tags in the footer arbitrary code plugin.

Visit your WordPress backend and update.


Find the full list of changes below:

  • Fixed structured data markup errors
  • Prevent featured image fallback if post not published
  • Allow all HTML tags in footer arbitrary code textarea