Automatic Updates

WordPress offers automatic updates as a core feature. All plugins and themes hosted at the WordPress Plugin and Theme directories can be automatically updated from the WordPress backend. The Core WordPress application can also be automatically updated.

Since version 3.7, WordPress has the added ability to perform automatic updates in the background, without requiring the manual 1-click updates from the WordPress dashboard. This means, every time an update is available, depending on the theme or plugin’s configuration, WordPress can perform the update itself, automatically, without requiring user assistance.

At iTech Plus, our themes, unless specifically requested by the client, are configured to allow for the automatic background updates as follows:

  • WordPress Core Minor updates [ON]
  • WordPress Core Nightly updates [OFF]
  • WordPress Core Major updates [OFF]
  • WordPress Plugins updates [ON]
  • WordPress Theme updates [OFF]

All other configuration inherit the default WordPress Automatic Background Updates configuration.

Akua WordPress Framework Updates

While automatic updates are available for all themes hosted by WordPress, custom theme developers do not enjoy this luxury. Theme developers would have to implement this feature on their own.

iTech Plus provides automatic updates for the Akua WordPress Framework (since Version 4.8) which integrates perfectly into WordPress’ automatic updates system. Any update to Akua generates a notification in the WordPress backend to allow for a 1-click automatic update.

Automatic background updates are however disbled for all themes, so users must manually click-to-update Akua in the WordPress backend, under Dashboard -> Updates.

Child Theme Updates

The client’s child theme updates, whenever available, is zipped and sent to the client by mail for manual FTP upload. We do not employ automatic updates for our child themes. This is not a matter of feasibility. It is just how we make sure only legitimate clients get the updates.